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Singing chant is such great food
for the soul


Due to the present Covid situation, with uncertainties and restrictions preventing many people from attending the Portsmouth Chant Course in person, the organisers reluctantly announce that the course will not proceed as originally scheduled on Saturday 19 December 2020. Given that similar uncertainties pertain to the immediate future, it has been decided that rather than delay the start by a few weeks, we will postpone the course until further notice. 

We are very grateful for the support of the Schola Gregoriana and the Marian Franciscan Friars; the LMS; and the parish priest, Fr Maunder, and trustees of St Agatha's church, Portsmouth. In particular we would like to thank all those who signed up to join all or part of the course, either in person or by Zoom. We will be in touch with all participants individually to refund fees paid in advance.  

We remain passionate about teaching the beauty and knowledge of singing Gregorian Chant to new followers and helping experienced singers develop their chant interpretative and performance skills.

We plan to relaunch the course in autumn 2021 and intend to announce details in early summer to give maximum notice for early bookings.


Organisers of the Portsmouth Chant Course 

11 December 2020

You really don't need a great voice
just be in tune with the singers around you -
listening more than performing,
meditating more than vocalising

Gregorian Chant has been used over many centuries in Christian worship.
Today it is less widely known and this latest initiative is being set up to share the ancient tradition of Gregorian Chant with new followers from all backgrounds. There are many examples of excellent chant scholas (choirs) - 
Here are a few examples:
This selection from the boys' schola, Choeur Saint-Michel
This young group of siblings, Harpa Diehas a very interesting way of interpreting chant.
Compare their rendition of Advent chant, Rorate Caeli
with same chant from Trappist contemplative monks 

Gregorian chant really is for everyone!
Even in sunny California kids get the chance to go to chant summer camp

... the rhythm in itself is not predictable, it's timeless, it's outside of time... to take you outside of time, so it's a wonderful way to be expressing what's happening...
Mary Ann Carr Wilson, chant camp director, 11 mins in
Characteristics of Gregorian Chant
courtesy of

1. Very free flowing

2. The chant moves up and down by steps and small leaps
within a narrow range

3. Some chants are responsive, soloist or chorus

4. The three main classes:

    a) Syllabic, one note set to each syllable of text

    b) Neumatic, a few notes set to one syllable

    c) Melismatic, many notes set to one syllable